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Mixing Services
CONTROL YOUR SOUND:  Surround sound mixing, sound engineering and audio post-production that will put your motion picture a cut above the rest.

The success of any audio or video project cannot be sealed without getting a perfect or nearly perfect sound. Most audio and video releases are born out of tireless effort and desperate financial input. Getting a poorly produced audio or audio-video sync result is the thin line that most likely separates many multimedia releases from getting the honor and financial reward that they deserve. It is practically impossible to get perfect audio production. Assuming a superhuman production team is hired to execute the project, and they manage to get the job done without human errors, still, there is a myriad of challenges that are beyond human ability, which will need to be addressed. Without addressing these inevitable impediments, the project is still at risk of turning out poorly. Ultimately, the success of any audio product is largely tied to the quality of post-production it passes through.

In the entertainment and broadcast media industry, there is hardly any room for second chances. Once a project is released, there is no allowance for excuses. Whether at a film festival, general view TV and radio, and on Compact Disk, bad sound can spell doom for even a big-budget job.


When you find out, you will discover that every project that has ever failed in sound, either didn't pass through the post audio production stage or passed through it without quite getting it right. If you are in charge of any media assignment, you probably have got to the point where you realize that you have had your fair share of bad post audio production. Maybe you just landed your first gig and you are looking forward to making that first impression, which will kick start your career on a sound footing. You have absolutely no need to worry. You couldn't be in a better place.


Surround Sound Mixing is for many high grossing and internationally acclaimed producers and directors, a digital refinery of first choice. Even though we have only met most of our clients online and not in person, the satisfaction they have derived from exceeded expectation s and batches of consistent quality jobs have formed a bond that defies the force of distance. From our base at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we can easily execute all your sound engineering without any hitch.


CONTACT US NOW TO PUT YOUR PROJECT IN SAFE HANDS Why worry over where to get that high-grade sound adjustment procedure done when there are experienced experts whose job is to get it done. Our team of sound engineers, composers and audio mixers are some of the very best around. You can be sure of unbeatable expertise when you do business with us. Our long-held tradition of customer satisfaction constrains us to never stop till we have met and even surpassed expectations. Partnering with Surround Sound Mixing will put your project side by side with those of serial award winners, will ensure that you get value for your money and that there will be an enlarged army of super-impressed audiences who will be anticipating your next work. WE'VE GOT IT ALL COVERED! At Surround Sound Mixing, we've got it all covered. We have put together the expertise and facilities for every of your sound production and adjustment needs. From online surround sound mixers to online movie scores, there is a lot to lose if your work isn't finished in our post audio production studio. Contact us now to book any of our services: