Blue Sky Surround System

At Surround Sound Mixing, we are bound by a determination to be identified amongst the highest-ranking sound engineering outfits in the world. While this may sound like too much ambition, we have found out that greatness is achieved by taking one quality step after another. This is exactly how we found ourselves where we are today.

Taking quality steps has to do with making sure that quality is not compromised in every aspect of our services. Pursuant to this, we realized that high-grade sound engineering is strongly linked to the use of superior sound equipment. Therefore, the decision to use the Blue Sky System turned out to be an easy one.

At Surround Sound Mixing, we have decided that using the Blue Sky System is the easiest way to complement our expertise and deliver top-notch sound engineering at all times. We specifically selected the Blue Sky One 5.1 system for use in our studio. The Blue Sky One 5.1 system is complete with 100 watts bi-amplified satellite 6.5 MK II speakers that have a 6.5" 200 mm driver hemispherical driver, and a 1" ferrite tweeter that has an integral waveguide. Our Blue Sky One 5.1 system also includes a sub 12 woofer with a distortion power amplifier of 200 watts, level control of between 30Hz to 200 Hz whose panel uses balanced XLRs and phonos line input connections, and an inbuilt 5.1 bass management mechanism. This bass management system comes with a 2nd order 80Hz high pass filter working with a 4th order 80Hz low pass filter.

The Blue Sky One 5.1 system we use has the license of a computer-optimized crossover network and supplies full-range sound from the subwoofer to the major monitors. An amazing feature of our Blue Sky One system is that except for its media desk subwoofer, all other components are made of high-grade neodymium spherical-section bass or middle-range driver cones and magnets. This means that these components do not require much of magnets or metallic materials as they are already magnetically protected.

At Surround Sound Mixing, we are fully aware of the fact that improper rooming for any kind of equipment like the ones we use can negatively impact the quality of sound. We have been careful enough to create the perfect room space for our Blue Sky system. One of the reasons we have chosen the Blue Sky One 5.1 system is that unlike most sound engineering systems whose performance is adversely affected by poor design, it's makeup is wonderfully supportive of sound quality is in pristine conditions. Its design provides for a perfect acoustic relationship between the subwoofer and satellite.

The blue sky satellite is made to be large enough so as to prevent low-frequency cut-offs that would warrant the subwoofer to supply a wider bandwidth than it should normally deliver. When this happens, the subwoofer then catches a number of irrelevant sound elements which will negatively distort the audio output. The Blue Sky somehow manages to solve this problem by pegging the sub-sat cross over at 110Hz, allowing for seamless and super-rich interaction without making the satellite occupy a larger than normal space. Also, the 80Hz satellite high-pass and the subwoofer low-pass filter roll-off rates are set at the 12 dB. All of this is to provide a perfect sat-sub integration that is necessary for superior quality sound delivery.

5.1 Surround Sound Mix 
At Surround Sound Mixing, for some very special reasons which include the provision of richer sound, we make use of the 5.1 surround sound model in our studios and this means that we have had to configure the Blue Sky One 5.1 system to serve the 5.1 surround sound mixing. All we did was to add 3 additional speakers and a Blue Sky bass management controller.

With this awesome studio set up, we are definitely as excited as you are to let your next sight to sound and general audio post-production, music composition, sound design, and voice-over project through our facility. Our facility is programmed to produce sound at its finest.